Learn from Andy Chipling the UK’s leading paper-plane expert, watch his design videos and get inspired to design your own

Here is a series of videos where Andy Chipling, one of the world’s most famous paper plane experts, will teach you how to make some very cool planes. You can also download the plane template and build instructions for Andy's first plane build from the video above before you try out the other builds from the videos below.

How to make a paper Autogyro

An autogyro is characterized by a free-spinning rotor that turns because of the passage of air through the rotor from below. Watch Andy show you how to make one.

How to make a Canard Troop Transporter

This paper plane has an unusual shape so that it can fly well at slow speeds - you won't have seen anything like this before! It's great fun to make and flies very gracefully.

How to make a Crazy Stunt Special

If you want to make a paper plane that flies all over the place and does crazy things - then this is the plane you should make. Watch how it flies in a circle around Andy at the end of the video!

How to make a paper plane called Hannah

This plane was designed by Andy himself so he named it after his daughter - Hannah. It is unusual because it has a really large tail wing and looks a bit like a space shuttle!

How to make a paper plane called Maureen

If you want to start with an easy plane to make - this is the one for you. But remember - you need to be careful with your aerospace material!